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Wood Lattice Fence Gallery

Lattice can be used as a solid-board fence topper with 12″-18″-24″ showing above the boards. You can also use it as a full-lattice fence panel to screen an area while providing limited vision through the fence. The open design of the lattice system is excellent at controlling wind flow by breaking gusts into gentle breezes. The lattice system consists of the lattice panel, horizontal rails, and vertical rails (vertical rails when installed as a panel). Some designs include a horizontal kickboard at the bottom, for easy replacement if the base of the fence should become damaged.

Lattice Length:8′
Lattice Thickness:
Regular – 1/2″Heavy – 1″
Lattice Height:12″, 18″, 24″, 48″
Lattice Grade: Clear, Premium Cedar ONLY
Lattice Pattern: Garden (Lattice Opening: Square 2 1/2″, Diagonal 2 5/8″)
Lattice Pattern: Privacy (Lattice Opening: Square 1 3/4″, Diagonal 1 3/4″)
Rail Width: actual 3 1/2″, 3 3/4″ – nominal or stated size 4″, actual 2 1/2″ – nominal or stated size 3″ Rail Thickness:
actual 1 1/2″, 1 3/4″ – nominal or stated size 2″
Rail Length: actual 8′, 10′
Rail Grade:
Standard and Better, #2
Rail Surface:
Rough, Smooth Four Sides
Post Width: actual 3 1/2″, 3 3/4″ – nominal or stated size 4″
Post Thickness: actual 3 1/2″, 3 3/4″ – nominal or stated size 4″
Post Height:6′, 7′, 8′, 9′, 10′
Post Toppings: Flat, Beveled, French Gothic, Gothic, Post Caps in a variety of styles
Post Grade: Standard and Better, #2
Post Surface:
Rough, Surfaced Four Sides
Designs: Lattice Panel
Lattice Top with Solid Board
Lattice Top with Kickboard

Wood Fencing Systems

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