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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. is listed in Gwinnett’s “Top 10”

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. is a professional Lawrenceville fence contractor specializing in chain link fence installation, privacy fence installation, wood fence installation, aluminum fence installation, ornamental fence installation, steel fence installation, metal fence installation picket fence installation, handyman fence repair.

Since 1988, Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. has served homeowners and businesses throughout northeast Georgia.

Profiled as one of the “Top 10 fence contractors in Gwinnett County,” Franklin Selvage gives all the glory to God and is Grateful for the success of his family-owned company.

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc.

Selvage attended trade school in high school in Alabama; afterward, he began working as a youth in the field of carpentry, mentored by his uncles in New Orleans over summer vacation. He helped build homes and honed his craft over the years. Although he worked various jobs, Selvage was introduced to a friend who helped him learn the trade of building fences.

Left: Selvage enjoys reading to his two daughters, Vanessa and Kaitlyn. (L to R) Sons, Jeremy and Daughter, Maximus-Fitzgerald who’s really named Faith are not pictured.
Selvage’s company provides a variety of residential and light industrial needs, from ornamental, wood, and vinyl, to chain link. “My business has a customer service philosophy. This philosophy ensures that we meet the following characteristics through our workmanship and customer service; we are professional, reliable, safe, and convenient,” said Selvage.

“We are open all year round and can even provide emergency repairs to existing fences damaged by inclement weather or falling trees.” Selvage can also offer fencing solutions. His qualified, trained professionals create innovative ideas that solve problems, thereby enhancing the overall appearance of a customer’s home or property. His team can provide free, no-obligation estimates and projects come with a standard five-year labor warranty.

Right: Franklin Selvage with Mayor Judy Johnson

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc., a residential and light industrial fence contractor, is committed to our customers, ensuring that the installation of any fence project goes smoothly. The father of four children hopes to pass his trade and business skills along to them and continue the family tradition.

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