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Crowd control and temporary fences are essential tools for managing events, construction sites, public gatherings, and various other scenarios. They serve multiple purposes, including safety, security, and organisation. Here’s an overview of their uses:

Crowd Control and Way Finding:

Portable metal grilles of light gray color for the obstruction of the territory and organization of the queue for the event
  1. Event Management:
    • Concerts and Festivals: To manage large crowds, direct foot traffic, and create designated areas for different ticket holders.
    • Sporting Events: To separate fans, manage entry and exit points, and ensure smooth flow.
    • Parades and Rallies: To define parade routes, prevent overcrowding, and ensure safety.
  2. Public Safety:
    • Emergency Situations: To guide crowds during evacuations or emergencies.
    • Political Events: To maintain order and ensure security during rallies, protests, or political gatherings.
  3. Queue Management:
    • Retail Stores: To manage lines during peak shopping times or special sales events.
    • Airports and Train Stations: To organise passenger flow and reduce congestion at check-in counters, security checks, and boarding areas.

Temporary Fences

A orange fence with warning signs on it
  1. Construction Sites:
    • Safety: To prevent unauthorised access, protect pedestrians from hazards, and secure the perimeter.
    • Privacy: To shield construction activities from public view.
    • Compliance: To meet local regulations requiring secure boundaries around construction areas.
  2. Events:
    • Perimeter Security: To define event boundaries and restrict access to ticketed areas.
    • Crowd Segregation: To separate different sections within an event, such as VIP areas, general admission, and backstage.
  3. Public Works and Maintenance:
    • Roadworks: To secure work areas, guide traffic, and protect workers.
    • Utility Repairs: To prevent access to hazardous zones during maintenance of utilities like water, gas, or electricity.
  4. Agricultural Uses:
    • Livestock Management: To create temporary enclosures for animals during events or transportation.
    • Crop Protection: To keep wildlife away from crops or to manage different sections of a farm.

Types and Features


In summary, crowd control and temporary fences are versatile tools essential for ensuring safety, security, and efficient management in various scenarios. Their portability and ease of installation make them invaluable in both planned and emergency situations.

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