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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. The Best “Top 10” Family Owned and Operated Fencing Company in the business of selling and installing All Types of Fences. We are the Atlanta fence suppliers, Fencing Repair, Gates, Fencing Service Company, and related products where you get a good deal on a better-built fence installed using Good Quality Materials by experienced installers at Excellent Values with the Best Customer Service accompanied by a 5-year labor warranty in Georgia, Right in your back yard since 1988

Why Select Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. as your fence company?

We offer Fence choices of:

We will tear down and haul off your old existing fence at a reasonable fee as well.

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Warranty

Exterior Fence Builders Inc., Its About Fences, LLC. and Keep on Fencing.:

Warrants each fence for 5 years of workmanship (Transferable). We will also adjust your gates up to 3 times during those 5 years at no cost. Our suppliers offer us up to 20 years of Material Warranty and we extend that to you our valued Customers. In accepting the warranty, the customer agrees to Maintain the Fence Properly.  

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc, It’s About Fences, LLC. Reserves the right to repair any portion of the fence found to be defective, and cannot be found responsible for abuse or “Acts of God” or normal Weather Wear and Tear. YET! “We have been known to commit random acts of kindness, “however”

P.S.: Its About Fences was our slogan at one time. It took off as a name so we kept it. The weird name Exterior was part of a name from a handyman company the Owner had before he got into the fence business. That Company’s name was Exterior Odds and Ends. He liked fencing better and never left. #keeponfencing


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