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The Neighbors on the other side of your Residential wood Privacy Fence in your backyard

The position of fence pickets is a topic that often sparks discussions among homeowners, particularly when it comes to installing wooden fences. Questions like, “Should the pickets face inwards or outwards?” are not uncommon. While the State of Georgia does not have a specific law addressing this issue, local regulations, homeowners’ associations (HOAs), and neighbor agreements often come into play.

The Morning Call

Just this morning, a concerned homeowner named Mrs. Patricia from Roswell, Georgia, gave us a call. She had questions about the regulations governing the placement of fence pickets on her new wooden fence. Mrs. Patricia was not alone in her uncertainty, as many homeowners across the state share similar concerns.

Local Regulations

In Georgia, regulations regarding fence construction are primarily determined at the local level. Different cities and counties may have their ordinances related to fencing. These regulations can include specifications for fence height, setbacks from property lines, and the direction in which the finished side of the fence should face. Contact the local city or county planning department is advisable to find information specific to your area.

HOA Guidelines

Many residential neighborhoods in Georgia are governed by homeowners’ associations (HOAs), which often establish detailed rules and covenants related to property improvements, including fencing. These guidelines can address the appearance of fences, including the positioning of fence pickets. For instance, an HOA may require that the finished or aesthetically pleasing side of the fence faces outward, toward the neighboring properties.

Neighbor Agreements

Additionally, homeowners who share property lines should consider discussing and reaching agreements with their neighbors about fence placement. Collaborative discussions can help avoid misunderstandings and conflicts in the future. Some neighbors may have strong preferences about how they want to see the fence on their property.


While Georgia state law does not specifically mandate the positioning of fence pickets, it’s crucial to be aware of and adhere to local regulations and HOA guidelines. Additionally, consider discussing your plans with your neighbors to foster understanding and a sense of community.

Mrs. Patricia’s call serves as a reminder that understanding the rules and guidelines in your area is essential when undertaking a fencing project. Being informed and working collaboratively with neighbors can help ensure a harmonious and compliant approach to fence construction in your community.

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