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Our philosophy!

SEOing customer service is like lying and the truth ain’t in it. We may as well be the born lier’s best friends. We choose not to do that. This is the only place in our lives and business where we prefer to be willing to “let you be the judge of that”. However, The details are as follows! as to how we humbly view ourselves.

I Franklin F. Salvage as the president of Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. will say: There comes a time when we must all sit at the banquet of consequences, we must be patient, for it is necessary. We will not immediately reap what we have sown. Therefore, corporately we watch our thoughts, for they become our words. We watch our words for they become our actions, We watch our actions, for they become our characters. We watch our characters, for it becomes our destiny. We are completely aware of and live by the fact that “Our talent will take Exterior Fence Builder, Inc. to places that only our character can sustain.”

Customer Service is the exacting standard here at Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. with Competitive Pricing, Personal Care, Honesty, Integrity, and Service. We are Destined to become and intend to remain the Fence Company of your choice for our prior Customers as well as you. Our Future Customers for years to come. Then, you again as it is a never-ending relationship with us.

Our Mission

Since 1988 Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. has enclosed Hundreds of backyards, apartment complexes, playgrounds, Man’s best friends, and subdivisions in the Metro Atlanta area. Our “Un-Impossible” Mission: is to continue doing so with a song or two in our hearts. #itsaboutfences, #keeponfencing

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