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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Editors’ letter

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. says Most fences are NOT built in a day to point out that it takes time to install a fence properly, we always say it takes two and half days to complete your average residential project which is 20 hours to us. that 20 hours takes into consideration murphy’s law. We are meticulous and you should not rush it or expect to do it too quickly. Our Atomic Habit is to do it right the first time. Even though we give you a 5-year written labor warranty that we stand on!

We won’t just build you a new Fence. We’ll also stand behind it.

A commitment to quality is the foundation on which every one of the Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. New Fences are built. We even warranty our repairs for 5 years And we’re proud to stand behind it with a warranty you can rely on. we build “our” -because we take full ownership of “our work” that we leave at your home or business” -fences today, for tomorrow! We don’t want you to have to be inconvenienced in order to deal with warranty work on your fence. Thank Heavens! No man is perfect. But, that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to build your fence as well as we can get it within a reasonable amount of time. Yet, Always with the best quality! Baring None! Time is “Not” just about money! It’s more about the values of peaceable time experienced with family, friends, loved ones, and community involvement. We yourselves want to sleep at night knowing that you purchased and we gave you lasting peace of mind with your Fenced In Areas of life. That’s certainly worth it for us to take our time to obtain this goal. Of course, it’s a selfish designation. But, it is also a win/win. We have an “EXT” ordinary work ethic and require more of ourselves because warranty work is two times the work, one time the money. Let’s call that a fumble, Turnover! Too many of those in business will wreck a family-owned and operated Fence Company in Atlanta. Or any other state for that matter. The true meaning of life for us. We want the same with our families, friends, loved ones, and community services as well. and well, Vanity. we do want anyone in Atlanta or, the surrounding areas passing by any of our signs on our fence, and the fence looks like garbage. Most certainly there are some times, on some days, during some fence installations that we can complete your project on the same day. When we can, in the very essence of time, so shall we! So mo it be!!

All! Dare I saw “ALL” posts are cemented on every Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Built and, or Repaired Fence

No two times the work, One times the money here! Ain’t nobody got no time for that!

We really do follow the instruction on the Quickcrete Bags. You have to mix it to a milky consistency. This helps the cement gel around the post in the hole and leaves no room for air pockets which leaves room for moisture to get into the concrete and set on the basin of the post to rot the post from the inside out. we have found that anything that hardens too quickly doesn’t give the craftsmen the time needed to work the post for greater lasting quality. Quickcrete has the right mixture that allows the maximum amount of time for the craftsmen to get it right. It hardens over time, a short time indeed! Yes! just not too quickly. “smh” eye see an oxy! but it is what it is nonetheless. The longer it sets, the harder it gets. regardless of what some of these so-called Home Imflipmyoldhouse shows say. It’s always! always best to mix the concrete. Especially in the Peach State’s Georgia red clay. we only have a six-inch feeze line below, which means that poor drainage would be the only thing that could make a well-cemented fence post lean or rot at its base. NO! they didn’t pay me for that! but, You will! when you buy our fence and then tell ya, friends, then they tell their friends. Word of mouth “IS” has been Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. saving Grace in this mad! mad! clickabaitable social media world. We are the Don Quixote in the residential fence trade. It’s hard for us to imagine our fences falling over. We were and still do to this very day operate under the perception that long-lasting quality begins with a firm foundation and takes a little time. That turned out to be our imaginary enemies in some circles. we got two or three little reviews on Google that were similar in nature to this:(real review yawl) -“Same day service, excellent work! Easy to deal with. Wonderful to do business with and a smile. “Thank you.” THEY WERE REPAIRS!!” They were not a complete total fence installation. I’m still haunted by the bad reviews. They are the most important ones to me. because I know that somewhere along the way I failed my customers and myself, which fail others within our organization. No excuses! I did it! a level-up was required. A level-up indeed came about. Communication had to be the only key. Next, was the how, when, and where?


For the best in all types of residential and light commercial fences and fence repair services. As well as to ensure your new fence is installed correctly work with Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. You can trust our team to install a high-quality fence on your property.

If your, fence needs repairs, including aluminum, chain link, composite, wood, and vinyl, Or its time for a new fence, call 770 277 4725 to talk with our friendly professional staff about a free no obligation estimation at your home or business at a time that is convenient to your schedule. OR

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#♪♪”KEEPONMOVIN’!♪♪ can’t stop. Stop the hands of time.

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. has a systematic way of Installing “OUR” Fence that we leave at “YOUR” home or business. we do it that way because we believe even live-by: seldom visits create long friendships

Why do we have a systematic hypervigilant way of installing fences? Because we want this to be something that you never have to see from us

Service Requests

Service Delivery Update: We are experiencing longer than normal wait times for warranty service due to a backlog of services from COVID delays, supply chain constraints, and labor shortages. We will work to communicate appropriate timelines throughout your service experience. Thank you for your patience during these challenging times.

We recognize that you are eager for service to begin. We are working to address your concerns as quickly as possible and appreciate your understanding and cooperation as we work to deliver a high-quality service experience.


We only deal with realistic expectations of ourselves and others

It involves setting standards but being honest about what We can accomplish in a specific timeframe. Realistic expectations help us improve our lives and make the most out of how we serve you. Once we have realistic expectations, We are able to explore what we want from our written goals.