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There are different reasons for doing renovations or improvements on your home, like preparing for sale, making additions, doing repairs, and changing the looks. No matter what the reason, all work is either for investment or for personal reasons. When the work is for an investment, for immediate sale, for future sale, or just to add value, you need to be careful. Not all investments give a positive return. When you spend money on a house to increase its value, you spend X dollars on the work and the value of the house goes up Y dollars. This is where you calculate your “Return on Investment” or ROI. Most work won’t give a positive return right away,

Any job, big or small, is worth the investment if it’s what you want to be done. Most of us spend more time in our homes than anywhere else, so we deserve to have it be the home we want, our dream home. Whatever changes you want, if you can afford it, you deserve to have it done.

This information is valuable for homeowners to measure what effect home improvement projects may have on the resale value of their homes. Consumers should be aware that home values and returns on renovation investments are dependent on many factors such as the location of the property, i.e., province, rural/urban, etc. Notably important is the quality of workmanship and materials.

Whether planning to sell or to stay put for a while, consumers would rather have improvements made to the home to add as much value as possible. Here are the values for adding a deck or fence.

Building a deck (50-75%)

Building a fence (25-50%)

 However, The best value as WSB’s and HLN,s Money Management Guru “Clark Howard” would say, is that you get to enjoy the improvements that you make to your home. It’s a great time for home renovation because contractors need work. Just don’t do it for the wrong reason. 

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A fence is a structure that can support itself upright, designed in order to restrict or halt a good amount of movement from within the territory that it is protecting. A fence is considered different from a wall in terms of its construction, as it is much lighter and does not always obstruct a person’s vision. Walls are also commonly created using concrete, bricks, or wood and are generally heavier and a lot more solid. There are many general uses for a fence.

Fences are most commonly used in agriculture. In such cases, a fence is used in order to keep a farm’s livestock safe from predators, as it will keep the domesticated animals within its borders and the predatory animals outside. Fences are also used in order to give privacy to any private property. Fences are also used as temporary protection, in most cases providing security as well as safety for construction sites and the like. Homes also occasionally use different types of fencing in order to mark territory and protect children and pets from moving into unsafe territory. Sometimes, a fence is also used for decorative purposes. In scenarios like that, fences are used to enhance landscaping, gardens, and other properties and do not always border entire land areas.
Fence Designs

The design of many different fences these days relies on two very different priorities. One part of it consists of creating a design where the form is the main issue at hand, while the other deals with designing out of a need for function.

The design of fences where the form is considered the main function involves a lot of dealing with the material from an aesthetic point of view. In such cases, the designer of the fence will also deal with its installation and how it would work with the rest of the landscape and fauna. For example, picket-style fences, although functionally sound, may be preferred over other types of fences when it comes to fencing a cottage-style home with a beautiful garden. A split rail wood fence may also be used for a ranch-style home with a beautiful porch in order to convey a good, old-fashioned country feel. Steel fences may also be preferred for more modern homes and structures.

Designing fences with function in mind deals with using the materials not for their aesthetic value, but for their practical applications instead. In such cases, wood might be preferred as the material for durability and hardiness while chain link fences might be preferred in areas where visibility both from the outside and the inside is crucial.
Chain Link Fence

The chain link fence is yet another common type of fence that is regularly used these days. Also known to some as wire netting or chain wire fence, the chain link fence is distinguished as a woven fence that is commonly made by different types of steel. In some parts of the world, it is also referred to as a cyclone fence or a hurricane fence. In most cases, the preferred materials are either galvanized steel wire or LLDPE-coated steel wire. A chain link fence has its wires woven via zig-zag patterns where the angles of each wire intersect with each other in order to form a diamond pattern that is known as a chain link. Other weaves may also be found but the diamond pattern is considered as the most common of all.

A chain link fence is assembled and installed with the use of some posts that are partially buried into the ground or set in hard concrete. These posts provide support for the wires that are chain linked and can be made of wood, steel tubes, or concrete themselves. Chain link fences are popular among farms in order to separate their livestock and keep them safe from predators or from being stolen by thieves.
Picket Fence

One of the most commonly mentioned types of fences is the picket fence. A picket fence is normally used in order to dictate domestic boundaries. The picket fence is most commonly seen in homes found in the United States of America. This style of fence is known to have been used ever since the First Period and is still a popular choice among homeowners in the United States today as well as in many other parts of the world.

Picket fences are most commonly colored, stained, or painted white. In the construction of picket fences, the most commonly used material is wood. Nowadays though, a few suppliers of home materials have managed to conjure up a plastic material that resembles wood. The most common style for making picket fences are planks or vertical boards with pointed or tapered ends. In some suppliers these days, one may also now be able to find picket fences made of aluminum.

Picket fences can now be easily assembled simply by acquiring sections that have been prefabricated. Commonly, such prefabricated picket fences will have the posts for each of its sections partly buried and posted into the ground while the many boas

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