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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. uses Wood Defender® Stain Products for our clients’ fences. Developed specifically for the fence industry, Wood Defender® stains help protect and beautify wood.

We suggest staining a new fence 1-2 months after installation to allow the wood fence to dry.

We recommend restoring your fence when it begins to darken and look weathered. Our services includes repairing the fence by replacing warped and cracked wood pieces and fixing nail pops. We also clean the fence of any dirt and mildew. Since the fence must fully dry before stain can be applied, we return at a later date (depending on weather) to stain the fence in the color of your choice. Please see our Stunning Stain Shades below.

Your fence and deck deserve superior wood stain. Wood Defender™ goes on easy and covers in one coat, with no back-brushing.

The best solution for new Cedar fencing.

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