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Mix It Up/Estimate Your Budget

If cost is a concern, consider blending various fence types. Fortunately, there are numerous affordable styles available, enabling you to adhere to your budget effortlessly. For instance, you could opt for wood picket fencing at the front of your home, seamlessly transitioning to chain link fencing at the back. This combination not only has the potential to lower installation expenses but also minimizes the area needing repainting. With the wide range of installation costs for fences, it’s feasible to manage expenses effectively while staying within your budget

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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. assists customers with the concept of mixing different types of fences in several ways:

  1. Design Consultation: We provide design consultation to understand the customer’s preferences, property layout, and budget constraints. This includes discussing the feasibility and aesthetics of mixing different types of fences.
  2. Customization Options: Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. offers a variety of fencing options, including wood picket, chain link, vinyl, aluminum, and others. We work with the customer to create a customized plan that incorporates different materials based on the specific needs and requirements of the property.
  3. Cost Analysis: We provide a cost analysis of mixing different types of fences compared to installing a single type of fence throughout the property. This helps customers understand the potential savings and benefits of opting for a mixed-fence approach.
  4. Material Compatibility: Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. ensures that the chosen materials are compatible and complement each other in terms of style, durability, and maintenance requirements. We recommend suitable combinations that will achieve the desired aesthetic while also ensuring functionality and longevity.
  5. Installation Expertise: Once the design is finalized, Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. provides expert installation services for each type of fence. This includes proper installation techniques for different materials to ensure structural integrity and durability.
  6. Seamless Integration: We ensure that the transition points between different types of fences are seamless and visually appealing. This may involve customizing gate designs, corner posts, or other transition elements to create a cohesive look throughout the property.
  7. Maintenance Recommendations: Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. provides maintenance recommendations for each type of fence to ensure long-term durability and appearance. This may include guidance on staining, sealing, painting, or cleaning different materials as needed.
  8. Customer Support: We offer ongoing customer support and assistance for any questions or concerns that arise after the installation. This includes addressing any issues with the fences or providing repairs and maintenance services as required.

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By offering comprehensive assistance throughout the process of mixing different types of fences, Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. helps you achieve a unique and cost-effective fencing solution that meets your needs and enhances the overall aesthetics of your property.

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