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The lady of the house contacted us saying that she saw a customer lattice fence on our website. There She said “She knew that I was the guy who would save her fence” Her words. I’m thinking, flattery gets you to know where Lady! but, this doesn’t mean that “This” curios Katt did not want to see what she was talking about. When I got there and saw the fence I wanted to save her fence. Like a tree hugger hugs trees. I, Franklin Fitzgerlad Selvage of Exterior Fence Builders. Inc. hugs fences. Good Ole Fences anyway. Fences where the guy or girl that built it took their time to create a masterpiece out of their minds using their hands to make it visible for all to see. This Fence needed a hug so I gave it one using Master Halco’s postmaster plus posted. The customers were very happy in the end. Very skeptical to a limited extent at the beginning but, once they saw my vision. it was on-n-pop’in. There is nothing very special about this fence. It does what it was built for. no razzamatazz or all that Jazz. It’s just a regular ole fence that their family had come to love as a part of their poolscape. The problem she keeps having to replace the post. The post-kelp rottening. Each time she called a Fence Company in Georgia out to repair their fence. The Fencing company she called only wanted to tear the fence down and start anew. She and her Husband just didn’t want that. See how I hugged the Custom Wood lattice Fence using Master Halco’s Postmaster Plus Post. “Allz” I did was just paint them black and put them in against the lean of the rotting wooden posts. There was no Supercalifragilistic-expi OR alidocious going on here on Exterior Fence Builders, Inc.’s part. just the desire to save a wooden fence. Then, I explained to him that they are just like everyone else and get a never-ending warranty on any Fence That Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Installs or Repairs.



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