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What “You!” get “Free!” when you hire the pros of Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. to install your fence in Atlanta

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. The selected carefully with a particular purpose in mind Family Owned Fence Company. Right in your backyard Since 1988

For is the best in all types of residential and light commercial fences and fence repair services. As well as, to ensure your new fence is installed correctly work with Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. You can trust our team to install a high-quality fence on your property.

If your, fence needs repairing, including aluminum, chain-link, composite, wood, or vinyl. Or it’s time for a new fence call 770 277 4725 to talk with our friendly professional staff about a free no obligation estimate at your home or business at a time that s convenient to your schedule

First and foremost when you call 770277 4725 to talk with our friendly professional staff about a free no obligation estimation at your or your business at a time that is convenient to your schedule

You!” Our Customers get a friendly and professional staff unless you talk with me, Franklin Fitzgerald Salvage then, you get that and a knowledgeable porter.

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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Fence Installer Job Description

“You!” our customers are getting talented Fence Installers who tend to our clients’ fencing requirements.

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Fence Installers Responsibilities:

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Fence Installers are required to inspect locations to ascertain their suitability, advise on appropriate fencing materials, and then build and place these barriers in specified areas. Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Fence Installers also ensure that sites are free from waste before we leave daily.

All Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Fence Installers, possess an understanding of the ways in which climates and terrains dictate fencing solutions. our outstanding Fence Installers will propose materials and finishes that fit with the aesthetic of the sites on which they work.

Beyond that Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Fence Installers

  • Corresponding with “You!” Our Customers to determine the types and functions of the fencing they require.
  • Inspecting property plans to determine the parameters of each site when these are unclear.
  • Conducting site inspections to ascertain the number of materials needed to complete each installation.
  • Measuring the length of each section that requires fencing, and determining the requisite height of each fence in collaboration with clients.
  • Suggesting alternate finishes based on the climate, topography, and appearance of each area, if needed.
  • Trimming sections of the fencing to ensure that they are appropriate in size.
  • Preparing the site by digging holes and trenches in which the fencing will be positioned.
  • Joining, raising, and securing segments of the fence in place.
  • Checking for gaps and vulnerabilities in the fencing and correcting these, if needed.
  • Issuing warranties for completed projects.

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Fence Installer Requirements:

  • High school diploma or equivalent.
  • Ability to operate the appropriate tools and equipment.
  • Excellent visuospatial and measurement skills.
  • A firm grasp of relevant math and physics principles.
  • Perceptive, with outstanding judgment.
  • Superb interpersonal abilities, including excellent communication.
  • Capacity to fulfill our duties independently and on time.
  • Physically fit and dexterous.

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You get Value- Plus added customer service. when you hire pros like us.

Thanks for allowing Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. the opportunity to serve you and yours! God Bless you