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Robert Frost famously asserted that “good fences make good neighbors,” emphasizing the importance of boundaries and respect in neighborly relationships. This sentiment resonates strongly with Franklin Selvage, the founder of Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. However, Selvage adds an insightful twist to Frost’s assertion, suggesting that while physical barriers may delineate property lines, it’s ultimately the quality of individuals that truly defines the essence of good neighbors.

At Exterior Fence Builders, Inc., Selvage and his team understand that the construction of durable, aesthetically pleasing fences is essential for maintaining privacy, security, and harmonious relationships between neighbors. Yet, Our philosophy extends beyond mere craftsmanship. We believe that fostering a sense of community and mutual respect among neighbors is equally vital.

Selvage’s mantra, “Good people are the best neighbors,” underscores the importance of integrity, empathy, and communication in fostering positive neighborly interactions. Beyond erecting fences, Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. emphasizes the cultivation of a neighborly spirit characterized by kindness, cooperation, and understanding.

To achieve this vision, Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. integrates community engagement initiatives into Our business model. We organize neighborhood beautification projects, host informational workshops on property maintenance and landscaping, and facilitate dialogue among residents to address common concerns and foster a sense of camaraderie.

By promoting the idea that good neighbors are defined not only by physical barriers but also by mutual respect and goodwill, Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. seeks to enrich the fabric of local communities and cultivate lasting relationships built on trust and friendship. In this way, they exemplify Frost’s wisdom while adding our own contemporary twist, emphasizing the importance of people over fences in creating harmonious neighborhoods.

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