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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. Privacy Policy

We are in possession of the clear understanding that Good Work ain’t Cheap, and Cheap Work ain’t Good! Because, It’s About Fences here.. and ♪♪ That’s just how we do it ♪♪

What is a Web Tag?

It’s an invasion of your privacy. That’s what it is. Cookies!

This website is in no way designed to do any! not any! of that tracking tags stuff. I  Franklin F. Selvage will not ever let any of the third-party marketing firms that we use “Like Yext” which we only use to update our information across the multitude of platforms managed by them put any of their  A.I. Garbage on our site. We just don’t care where you go or what you do while you are here. whenever we use any of their information collection forms. I go through the painstaking time-grabbing tasks of rewriting the code on them. We don’t want anything or any stuff to try and tell you what to do while you are here. Or after you have gone. Google Analytics is on here only!