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Residential & Commercial Composite Fence Installation near me

Composite Fence Chart

Never before have there been so many options in fencing materials. Much of this is due to the rising cost of lumber and the drive to create non-wood alternatives that are more long-lasting. What makes it different from vinyl is that composite lumber is 50% recycled plastic and 50% recycled wood product. Some brands even boast 95% recycled content. For this reason, those looking for greener alternatives may find this material a more appealing choice than all new plastic vinyl (PVC).

Whether you need a fence to secure your yard, establish a boundary or keep your family and pets safe, Exterior Fence Builders, Inc can install it for you. We work closely with homeowners to make sure their wants and needs for their yards are met. We also pride ourselves on providing the best possible customer service throughout the installation process.

Composite Privacy Fences

Privacy fences like the name suggest – give homeowners more privacy, with little or no space between their wood panels. There are many types of composite privacy fences – Please see our gallery for a sample of some of these fences available.

Composite Picket Fences



Composite Shadow Box


Custom Composite Privacy Fencing



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