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Key:1 Have a good idea of the location of your property

Locate and make clear the exact area of fence installation. We are not bulls in china shops. We respect your landscaping, garden gnomes, and your whatnot. some things such as Children’s toys. Hey! we’re parents. so what! we may have to move the movable to get our jobs done. No worries! we gotcha. We recommend and prefer that you start building your fence 6” inside the property line. In many cases, you should have a plate of your property. You usually them at the closing table. If you can find you, stake the fence corners with inexpensive fluorescent twine and string out the entire fence line.
This will give you an idea of how your fence will look and alert you to potential problems such as trees and shrubs, The McCoys, and Hatfields that could hinder the way. O Yeah, It happens! Thank you Robert Frost for giving Exterior Fence Builders, Inc., and the world this concept, good fences make good neighbors. Our Philosophy is, Yet, a good fence builder makes an even better neighbor long after we’re gone. this also helps with “key 2”. Two birds, one stone. Dear, God! I love it when a plan comes together.

Key:2 Be the best neighbors by Informing your Neighbors

Inform your neighbors of what you are doing. They normally will agree and even permit you to connect to their fence if you seek permission. A new fence can cause tension between neighbors when it comes as a surprise.

Key:3 We need access to your utilities

Access to water for mixing Quickcrete and electricity for some of our power tools are required for most fence installations.

Key:4 Municipalities

Covenants and city or county laws. Be sure to check with the bylaws of your community and your municipality for such things as fence height, type, and location. “YOU” The customer is responsible for meeting these criteria. Some municipalities may require a permit. Be sure to inquire and comply. If Your fence violates the code, work will be delayed until you secure the necessary permitting.

Key:5 Call 811 to Locate utilities.

It’s a free service, always call before you dig. We do!

Exterior Fence Builder, Inc. has a certified 811 underground utility locator on staff. We will have the utilities marked and have the dig ticket number on file before we start the installation. These companies will include, phones, cable, internet, gas, and electricity. They will not locate lines, such as gas lines to lights and grills, sprinkler irrigation lines, and low-voltage lighting. Please make your installer aware of these lines to avoid problems. We cannot be held responsible for what we hit with an auger machine or post-hole diggers.

Contact Exterior Fence Builders, Inc.

As always, thank you for giving Exterior Fence Builder, Inc. The opportunity to serve you. Please feel free to reach out to us anytime

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