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Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. uses Behr Exterior Wood Care products to improve and Simplify the Wood Care Experience around your home

Exterior Wood Care

Perfectly timed with the start of the season,

“Behr has completely redesigned the Exterior Wood Care Centre to provide consumers with the right tools to successfully tackle exterior wood care projects,” said Scott Richards, Senior Vice-President of Marketing, Behr Process Corporation. “The new Exterior Wood Care Centre simplifies the process using three steps to ensure that homeowners feel confident and achieve a beautiful long-lasting finish.”

  • Interactive, Touch Screen Interface – The consumer is in control with WoodSmart by BEHR™ one of the central features.
  • Optimized Colour Selection – A streamlined palette includes the best-selling and most relevant colors. From Redwood and Cedar Naturaltone to Woodland Green and Cape Cod Gray, consumers can choose from 60 custom wood stain colors. The size of Solid Colour and Semi-Transparent wood chips has been increased to help with color differentiation.
  • Visualization Tools – Users can digitally colorize a pre-set image of a deck, fence, siding, furniture, or composite surface with any of Behr’s stains or finishes to bring their vision of the ideal outdoor space to life.

As part of the effort to simplify the wood care experience and ensure proper preparation for projects, Behr has enhanced its suite of Exterior Wood Care products.

BEHR PREMIUM All-In-One Wood Cleaner has been reformulated to clean, brighten and remove mildew stains in a single step prior to applying wood stain or finish. Depending on the condition of the wood being treated, BEHR PREMIUM Wood Stain & Finish Stripper may be used as the first step in the prep process to remove peeling stains and finishes. BEHR PREMIUM All-In-One Wood Cleaner is then used to restore natural wood color and condition wood to better receive new stains and finishes.

What’s more, BEHR PREMIUM Exterior Weatherproofing Wood Stains and Finishes have been rebranded. Utilizing a penetrating advanced 100 percent acrylic resin formulated to protect decks, siding, and fences year-round, the line includes:

  • BEHR PREMIUM Solid Color Weatherproofing Wood Stain – Reveals wood texture but conceals the grain, offering the most durable and long-lasting finish and vibrant color. Hides blemishes, imperfections, and signs of aging wood.
  • BEHR PREMIUM Semi-Transparent Weatherproofing Wood Stain – Lets natural wood grain and texture show through and provides more durability than clear or wood-toned products. Adds subtle color and is ideal for new or unstained surfaces.

Behr’s Exterior Wood Care line also features BEHR Waterproofing Wood Stains & Finishes, BEHR Solid Colour House & Fence Wood Stain, and BEHR PREMIUM Transparent Log Home Gloss Finish.