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Exterior Fence Builders (actual 6 ft x 8 ft) pressure treated pine and cedar fence panels are stick built which means we cement ALL of our 4 x4 x 8 pressure treated pine post in the ground. We shoot for 2 ft deep, sometimes we can only get 18 inches. 7 ft 9 inches apart. We then nail our 2 x 4 X 8 pressure treated pine horizontal runner 3 per section for the 6 ft privacy fencing panel, 4 per section for the 8 ft’ privacy fence panel, 2 for the 5 ft cedar privacy wooden fence panel for pressure treated pine 5 ft wood fence panels we use 3, 2 for any 4 ft wooden picket fence panel. (a section is the area between two post within a line of the post from post to post) to the those post using galvanized rink shank framing nails (Galvanized screw like nails), ” this is known as the framing of the wooden fence” Then, we nail the 1 x 6 x 6 fence pickets 1 x 4 x 5 fence picket, or 1 x 4 x 4 fence picket to the 2 x 4 framing individually two nails per picket per 2 x 4 horizontal runner which help prevent the picket from warping and pulling always from the frame over time. This is the technique that creates the (actual 6 ft high x 8 ft wide)(5 ft high x 8 ft wide)(4 ft high X 8 ft wide) or ( 8 ft high x 8 Ft wide) wooden fence panels.This technique of stick building your privacy, Picket or custom wood fence allows Exterior Fence Builders to run your wooden fence much closer to the ground which helps the homeowners keep the stray animals out and keep the household pets and children in the yard. it also makes it look good. as we like pretty fences that stay that way for a long, long time. Also if you’d like you can contact us within a few short months after construction of your Privacy, Picket, designer custom, Dogeared, French Gothic wood fence to have us stain that wooden fence for you for a nominal cost which would help that wooden fence look pretty while it’s sitting there for that long time looking quite pretty as it will be since you got Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. The fence company near you to sale and install the fence for you.