Pool Safety

Protect A Child with a Pool Fence Is what You Are Looking For.

To help protect your children from drowning in a backyard pool, the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly suggests the following swimming pool rules for improved safety. These apply to in-ground, above-ground, and portable (soft-sided) pools. Go over these swimming pool rules regularly with your kids and with visitors.

Be An Educated Consumer

Your choice of pool fence is important. Don’t assume that because fences may look a like they are alike. After your child has knocked the fence down and gained access to the pool is the wrong time to realize you bought the wrong fence. Those searching out the cheapest prices will typically find a fence with weak support posts and mesh susceptible to UV degradation that could fail you when you need them to do their job. We see many ridiculous claims of product and component superiority when exactly the opposite is true. For these reasons, let common sense be your guide as your fence decision should not be taken lightly. Consider the four primary ways a child may defeat a mesh pool fence: Climbing over it, knocking it down, unlatching a section, and lifting the posts out. Also consider longevity of the fence itself. Exterior Fence Builders offers superior strength fencing that can Protect-A-Child Pool Fence features that prevent all 4 weaknesses and have a 40 year track record that backs it up.


If you’re interested in placing a pool fence between your child and your swimming pool, make sure you get the one that does the best job protecting your child – choose Exterior Fence Builders to install your pool fence that will help you in your plight to Protect-A-Child.