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Buy Your Fence Now And Pay For It Over Time: Financing Available/ Payments Methods

Financial Emotional Intelligence (F-EQ) refers to the ability to identify and manage one’s own emotions and desires when making financial decisions. Financial intelligence can be said to have four areas of impact: Personal Awareness. Personal Management. Social Awareness, and Relationship Management

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“Anyone who sits on “your” couch and tries to high-pressure sell you does not mean you any good. They are hungry, your Percy- book is their dinner.-“Franklin F. Selvage” I call them “couching” tigers, hidden dragons to your finances”

Do unto others the things that you will do to yourself

Or something like that. We don’t do high-pressure sales. When or If you invite us to present our products and services to you and your family. During that process, you have the opportunity to get a good idea of the genuineness of the individual you’re working with. And, learn about the products and services that we offer, as well as our approach to how we render them. “We are a paperless, semi-contactless. People!, People! fence company. In many cases, you don’t have to be there for us to measure your property. We e-mail all of our quotes regardless.”Yes! Of course, the cost for Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. to render our service of Installing, repairing, or maintaining your fence or gate. after we’ve made you aware. of what we offer. We ask “Are you ready to buy?” if you say No! Not right now. We will say: okay! Thanks so much for giving us the opportunity to serve you. Is there anything else we can help you with within the process of selecting The Right Fence Contractor for your home services, please contact us with any questions, or comments or to purchase when you’re ready. Have a great day!

While we do offer financing options, We will not disrespect you by using high-pressure sales tactics with you. We will not be offering you any financing. unless you ask. We don’t conduct ourselves in that way. We don’t, just! want your money. Yazz! We do! just want your business far more than your money. Since 1988 Exterior Builders, Inc. has enclosed hundreds of backyards, apartment complexes, playgrounds, Man’s best friends, and subdivisions in the Metro Atlanta area. Our “Un-Impossible” Mission: is to continue doing so. #itsaboutfences, #keeponfencing. We’re planning to be here for you when you are ready. By the way, our sales prices are designed for you, we, us, our (F-EQ)’s Hint! Hint! Wink! Wink! All! ♪♪ all of us do is Win! Win! Win!

Pay for your Fence using one of these method

Exterior Fence Builders, Inc. accepts All Major Credit Card

You can pay for your fence using any one of these: an invoice e-mailed to you, HOWEVER, We are trying every way possible not to increase our pricing. Credit Card Payments will include a non-cash adjustment.



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