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The ornamental steel fence in Atlanta tends to be quite expensive as compared to the Ornamental Aluminum Fencing. however , I wouldn’t call that a con if you want a longer sturdier fence surrounding your yard. I myself am a a shopper. Always trying to get the best bang for my hard earned buck. I usually try to pick the middle. I’m to poor to buy cheat and to broke to buy too expensive. however there are times that I will spend a little more for the best as three is no middle ground between the Ornamental Aluminum and Ornamental Steel. Ornamental Steel fencing is one of the most popular materials in the US for the money. steel fencing can be resisted corrosion and  last for decades thanks to being galvanized and power coated. The durability is a definite pros of steel fencing. Therefore, We Exterior Fence Builders,Inc. have great faith in the ornamental steel and proudly give our 5 year labor warranty. The manufacturers have so much faith in steel fences a lot. They usually offer a lifetime guarantee for their products to You Exterior Fence Builders,Inc. Valued customers customers. .by the way that life time is 20 years on the warranty in most case

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